A Boxless Move® means moving your contents in the furniture rather than the contents and the furniture!

1. No Downtime - What's better than saving the drudgery of emptying lateral files, desk drawers, or warehouse small parts bins? Since employees don't stop to pack and unpack, they keep working and you stay in business. The dollars saved by avoiding non-production employee downtime is all the justification your company needs to not hire a lower-priced mover.

Desks are moved by tipping them on end and onto a four-wheel dolly, but you don't have to pack up the contents to avoid a jumbled mess at your new location. With Space Gobblers™ inflated inside the drawers, items are immobilized and held in place.

2. No Disruption - Files are accessible practically up to the moment they're rolled out the door.
No packing and unpacking eliminates lost and mixed up files.

3. No Damage - With "boxless" move technology, cabinets are lifted straight up minimizing the risk of damage to both cabinets and floor surfaces.

4. It's GREEN - A "boxless" move supports your company's GREEN Initiative program and answers the cry for GREEN technology. Not having to pack contents reduces the need for boxes and other packing materials, so less ends up in the landfills. Moving the contents in the furniture rather than the contents and the furniture reduces volume, which means fewer truck loads and, therefore, less fuel used and pollutants emitted. Space Gobblers™ are also reusable and long-lasting.

By addressing the common complaint of employee loss time and disruption, The Boxless Move® is changing the way businesses relocate.