A Greener Choice

Wald is dedicated to being your green mover. At Wald we know the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, and have found efficient and effective methods that not only benefit you, but also benefit our environment. Our Boxless Move®, utilizing our Spider Crane® and Space Gobblers™ reduce the cost of excess packaging materials for our clients. Our trucks seat five passengers so an additional truck or van is not necessary to carry extra moving staff.  These are just a few ways we strive to be a sustainable mover.

Green Technology for today and the future environment

  • Reusable patented building protection
  • Bobtails that seat five which reduces emissions
  • Five passenger transportation vehicles which reduces emissions
  • Boxless Move®
  • Spider Crane® for moving lateral cabinets fully loaded
  • Patented product (Space Gobblers™) to move case good furniture fully loaded
  • Patented product (Comp-U-Wraps™) to protect computers
  • Move flat files loaded using patented equipment (Space Gobblers™)
  • Patented building protection (Mat-A-Doors®)

Donation and Decommissioning

Wald provides furniture, operating supplies & equipment decommissioning, recycling and donation coordination.